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There’s an App for that!

iSTEEP "Speaks" iPhone, iPad and Adroid 

The iSTEEP RTI system now "speaks" iPhone, iPad and Android (Google's OS) for mobile devices.  This means you can now access, enter, and use your data when you are on the go.  The system includes the most popular functions that would be needed while away from your primary computer.  No downloads are needed for your mobile device; instead the iSTEEP system recognizes you are connecting via a mobile device and formats accordingly.  Nothing to download.  Nothing to sync.


With the move to mobile, iSTEEP continues to innovate by making sophisticated technology easier to use.   iSTEEP provides a full range of response to intervention products for benchmarking, universal screening, intervention and progress monitoring. 

Make RTI Easier: Operating an Environment Friendly RTI Program that Saves You Time
The Problem: Conducting Universal Screening with Paper and Pencil Requires 
  • Several Paper Copies per Student
  • Personnel Time to make Copies, Collate, etc.
  • Professional Time to Administer Assessments
  • Professional Time to Enter Scores into Data Management System

The Solution: Computer Assessment from iSTEEP

  • Computers conduct the assessment for one student or an entire class.
  • Scoring and data entry are eliminated
  • Students take assessment with ordinary Windows or Mac Computers
  • No paper copies required and professional time is minimized.
  • Environmentally friendly