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Standards Based Assessments

Monitor Extent of Student Mastery of Standards

Standards based assessments are those that provide formative data on the degree to which students are demonstrating understanding or mastery of the skills they are expected to learn at each grade.  Many states have recently rolled out new standards for each grade.   These standards raise the bar for instruction and require students to learn skills that are more challenging because they involve deeper understanding and more advanced knowledge than have been required in the past.

iSTEEP has developed new standards based assessments that are standards aligned. Since many publishers also say their assessments are aligned to the new standards, iSTEEP took the additional step of having our literacy assessments reviewed by a non-biased government agency.   The Louisiana Department of Education conducted a rigorous review of most major assessments and iSTEEP was one of only two that were awarded the highest designation, Tier 1

Exemplifies quality: Meets all non-negotiable criteria and scored the best possible score on all indicators of superior quality.


The new standards based assessments contain new skills and require assessment to be conducted using specific methods. The iSTEEP Advanced Literacy Assessment assesses comprehension of literature and informational passages using a fully automated process. The literature assessment includes works from masters such as Tolstoy, Poe, etc. Foundational literacy skills are also assessed with various assessments.

The Advanced Numeracy assessment includes various tasks that tap student understanding and application of important math skills. We also have foundational math measures for skills such as compare numbers (quantity discrimination), finding unknown number, expanded form, place value as well as various computational skills.