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RTI and Intervention Assessments


Response to Intervention (RTI) and Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS) are both processes that provide a framework to assist educators to work collaboratively to differentiate instruction. Educators have long known that in teaching students: one size fits no one. The innovation that RTI/MTSS brings to the table is using data to target specific student needs and to match students with proven instructional strategies.

iSTEEP provides several tools that make these processes easier to implement, more collaborative and more effective.


Screening is the early identification of students who may need assistance. Valid and reliable assessments identify students who are not on track to master benchmarks and may need assistance.   Students who have already surpassed benchmarks can also be identified for enrichment activities or advanced instruction.  iSTEEP provides markedly more assessments tools at all grade levels than most other systems, which provides the flexibility to choose the tools you need. So whether you need multiple early literacy and numeracy tools for kindergarten students or advanced mathematics for high school students you have everything needed within one comprehensive system.

Instructional Planning

iSTEEP includes a structured process to match students with appropriate instructional strategies. It begins with an adaptive diagnostic assessment that finds skills not yet mastered and intervene on the right skills at the right time.   The planning process includes collaboration tools to put in place the details shown to help interventions be effective. Our data tools can tell you not only if interventions are effective but often why they are not effective so changes can be made.   The process is optional but peer reviewed research has shown that monitoring your implementation process can take your results from good to great.

Progress Monitoring

Valid and reliable progress monitoring tools provide multiple assessments for each skill. This allows for frequent monitoring of student progress and using easy to understand graphs and reports to adjust instruction as needed.