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We are pleased to announce our new partnership with ReadyCoach! 

ReadyCoach is a research-based online platform that empowers school administrators, coaches, educators, and specialists with innovative technology to maximize student learning and promote successful student behavior. ReadyCoach is the only platform of its kind using computer algorithms, assessment data insights, and real-time progress and fidelity monitoring to match the right interventions to student needs in ways that help them thrive. Professional learning services include synchronous and asynchronous onboarding options and several in-person workshops focused on instructional coaching, MTSS, and school improvement. ReadyCoach solutions are strength-focused and built upon 10 years of research and 5 large-scale studies. 


The iSTEEP-ReadyCoach Partnership

iSTEEP and ReadyCoach have partnered to offer a unique, research-based, integrated suite of educational technology and professional development solutions.   The solution provides best-in-class assessment, instruction, intervention, progress monitoring, and implementation fidelity tools that empower students as learners, teachers as educators, school administrators and coaches as leaders, and families as partners.  As a team, iSTEEP and ReadyCoach are passionate about maximizing educator and students success through improving equitable access to high quality education for all students.

  • The iSTEEP component of this integration provides an innovative and comprehensive suite of products for assessing, analyzing, progress monitoring and next generation technology.iSTEEP is comprised of powerful tools to assist schools in implementing programs designed to determine if students are on track and to accelerate their performance if they are below desired levels. Easy to use reports keep teachers and administrators informed in real time.


  • The ReadyCoach component of the integration rapidly expands the assesment results generated through iSTEEP in ways that automate tasks such as benchmarking, grouping, assigning interventions, implementation fidelity and progress monitoring.This is possible since ReadyCoach automatically uploads iSTEEP assessment data and then applies powerful analysis and reporting tools using iSTEEP data throughtout the year to help maximize the impact of instructional coaches and teachers based on precise intervention groupings, built-in interventions, implementation fidelity feedback, and predictive progress monitoring.


Benefits of the iSTEEP – ReadyCoach Partnership

The unique and innovative integration between iSTEEP and ReadyCoach enhances the capability of educators and coaches to do what they do best: Working together to implement best instructional practices that yield positive measurable outcomes  for PreKindergarten-8 grade students throughout the school year.


Students and Parents

  • Assess strengths and skill needs using iSteep Screening and Assessments
  • Receive interventions based on individual strengths and skill needs
  • Experience the power of combined reading and behavioral supports
  • Share goal progress between teachers and parents


Coaches and Educators

  • Fast automated data integration with iSteep assessments
  • Rapidily identify students strengths and skill needs
  • Receive automated recommendations for instructional groupings and interventions
  • Guide sequencing of interventions
  • Access a library of over 140 research-based interventions and related resources
  • Support intervention implementation and student goal progress and success


School Leaders and School Teams

  • Structure and support for effective instructional coaching and instructional planning
  • Make data-based decisions through powerful dashboards to maximize student learning and professional development
  • Improve the use of existing data and intervention resources
  • Personalize professional development planning
  • Generate customizable reports on instructional plans, goals, intervention implementation and student success