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iSTEEP Comprehensive Assessment Solution

iSTEEP is a comprehensive suite of products that includes benchmarking assessments, screening assessments, diagnostics, intervention planning, and progress monitoring for both reading and math.

√ Early Literacy                                                                   √ Comprehension

√ Early Numeracy                                                              √ Problem Solving

√ Reading                                                                            √ Fluency Assessments

√ Math                                                                                 √ Accuracy Assessments

√ K-12                                                                                  √ Dyslexia Screening


All assessments are computer based assessments using either computerized assessment or online scoring.


Computerized assessments can be administered in group format and allows students to sit at the computer and take the assessment independently.  The computer conducts the assessment by automatically timing the assessment, scoring the assessment, and recording the results automatically for you into the iSTEEP database.


Online scoring assessments are conducted one on one and used for Oral Reading Fluency and other spoken student responses.  The assessor marks the errors on the computer screen as the student reads.  The computer will automatically time the assessment, calculate the score for you, and record the score into the system.


There is growing interest nationally in SoR.  The Science of Reading is based on five pillars of early literacy instruction.  We assess all of the Big 5 reading areas identified by the Science of Reading.  In a national review of screening assessments from 20 publishers, iSTEEP was the only publisher with assessments targeted for all the Big Five.  We had near perfect evaluations for technical excellence (reliability and validity).  Here are the evaluations from the panel of screening experts contained in the NCII Screening Tools Chart.  



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