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iSTEEP Assessments

STEEP provides an innovative and comprehensive suite of products for assessing, analyzing, progress monitoring and next generation technology. We provide powerful tools to assist schools in implementing programs designed to determine if students are on track and to accelerate their performance if they are below desired levels. Easy to use reports keep teachers and administrators informed in real time.


K-12: Literacy, Mathematics, and Writing

One system for all students and schools. Assessments include a large assortment of skills ranging from the most basic fluency assessments to the most challenging math and literacy screening and benchmarking.


Computer Assessments and Online Scoring

With the computerized assessment option there are virtually no paper copies to make. The computer automatically times and scores all assessments, which in turn leaves more time for instruction!


Easy to Understand Dashboard and Reports

Quickly assess which students are improving and which students need additional instruction. An adaptive diagnostic helps to provide specific prescription to student's needs.

One Program for All of Your Needs!

iSTEEP has everything you need for a successful implementation.  Benchmarking assessments, screening assessments, adaptive diagnostic assessment, progress monitoring assessments, and data management system.

  • Standards based assessments
  • Tier 1 Designation in National Review
  • Reading and Math
  • K-12
  • Early Literacy and Numeracy

  • Intervention Dashboard
  • Flexible Goal Setting
  • Computerized Assessment
  • Intervention Tracking
  • Virtually No Paper Copies, Scoring, or Data Entry!