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Computer Assessment
Complete Assessment and Data Management Solution. Computerized Assessment
  • The "Computerized Site License" includes a comprehensive set of materials and web services for universal screening, progress monitoring, and diagnosis for Reading and Math Grades K-12.
  • Access to iSTEEP Data Management system to track and review data for screening and progress monitoring.
  • Assessments are computer administered. The computer conducts the assessment by timing, scoring, and entering the results automatically for you in the iSTEEP database.
  • Online scoring is used for Oral Reading Fluency and other spoken student responses (assessor marks errors on the computer screen as student reads). Computer times and scores instantly.
  • For school wide or district wide use only.
  • PRICE: $8/student (plus 7% setup and processing). Discounts for multi-year.
  • A paper and pencil license for most assessments can be purchased for $5/student (plus 7% setup and processing).

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Standard Computer Assessments

  • Math Computation, Grades K-12
  • Advanced Math Concepts, Grades 1-8
  • Math Concepts and Application Grades 6-12
  • Advanced Literacy, Grades 1-12
  • Reading Maze, Grades 1-12
  • Online Scoring for Oral Reading Fluency, Grades 1-12
  • Online Scoring for KDG Letter Naming, Number Naming, and Letter Sounds and Blends

Advanced Literacy and Numeracy Assessments
Advanced Literacy

  • Advanced comprehension with informational and literacy texts from masters such as Tolstoy, Poe, etc.
  • Smart Cloze that taps comprehension, grammar, Standard English usage, and vocabulary.
  • Foundational measures for phonemic awareness, word identification, listening comprehension, and phonetic spelling.

Advanced Numeracy

  • Advanced Numeracy assessment includes various tasks that tap student understanding and application of important math skills.
  • Math Computation tasks that are aligned with evolving national standards.
  • Foundational Math measures for skills such as compare numbers (quantity discrimination), finding unknown number, expanded form, place value as well as various computational skills.

Common Core Assessments
iSTEEP Literacy Assessment receives Top Ranking

  • An independent review of assessments was conducted by the Louisiana Department of Education who recognized the iSTEEP Advanced Literacy Assessment as the only benchmark assessment to receive Tier 1 status indicating the assessment was awarded the best possible score for "all indicators of superior quality."


  • Advanced Literacy Assessment includes a constructed response assessment containing authentic passages with text-based questions requiring close reading.
  • Foundational assessments include phonemic awareness, word identification, and other tasks.


  • Assessments include a wide range of math standards based concepts and applications.
  • For more information, visit the Common Core Page

Progress Monitoring (PM)
  • Computerized PM Math Computation, Grades K-12
  • Computerized PM Math Concepts and Applications, Grades 6-12
  • Computerized PM Reading Maze, Grades 1-12
  • Online Scoring PM for Oral Reading Fluency, Grades 1-12
  • Online Scoring PM for KDG Letter Naming, Number Naming, and Letter Sounds and Blends, and Phonemic Awareness
  • Advanced Math Concepts (Grades 1-8)
  • Additional Assessments Available

iSkill Diagnostic Adaptive Assessment
  • Reading and Math adaptive online diagnostic to help determine the type of intervention needed and the student's instructional level (i.e. 7th grade student reading at 4th grade level).
  • One on One assessment.

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