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Computer Assessments

The "Computerized Site License" includes a comprehensive set of materials and web services for universal screening, progress monitoring, and diagnosis for Reading and Math Grades K-12. 

  • Early Literacy
  • Early Numeracy
  • Reading
  • Math
  • K-12

  • Comprehension Assessments
  • Problem Solving Assessments
  • Fluency Assessments
  • Accuracy Assessments



All assessments are conducted on the computer using either computerized assessment or online scoring. The computer conducts the assessments by timing, scoring, and entering the results automatically for you in the iSTEEP database.

Online scoring is used for Oral Reading Fluency and other spoken student responses (assessor marks errors on the computer screen as student reads). Computer times and scores instantly.




Benchmarking assessments are used to gauge student readiness toward end of year state standards.  Benchmarking is recommended for use three times per year.

Screening Assessments

Screening assessments are used to identify students in need of intervention.  Screening is recommended three times per year.

iSkill Adaptive Diagnostic

The iSkill adaptive diagnostic is used to help provide a recommendation for the type of intervention needed (i.e. accuracy, fluency, comprehension, or problem solving) and the student's instructional level (i.e. 7th grade student reading at the 4th grade level).  

Progress Monitoring

Progress monitoring is conducted for student's receiving intervention to ensure the intervention is effective and the student is responding to intervention.  Progress monitoring is recommended (depending on skill) once a week to once a month.

The iSTEEP data system allows multiple ways to track and review data for screening and progress monitoring.

  • Individual Student Data
  • Classwide Data
  • Schoolwide Data
  • Districtwide Data
  • Longitudinal Reports

  • Subgroup Reports
  • Custom Reports
  • Manage Virtually Any Assessment
  • Intervention Tracking

Reports are Immediately Available!  No Wait time!

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