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Information for Arizona School Districts

iSTEEP is excited to announce they have been selected by the Arizona Department of Education as an approved universal screener for K-3.

In response to this recognition, iSTEEP has developed special pricing for Arizona school districts. 

Item Details

Arizona K-3 Required Literacy Assessments - Provides access to all assessments needed to comply with Arizona K-3 screening requirements

Reading Diagnostic - The reading diagnostic provides a starting point for intervention services and provides an indication of the type of intervention needed.  It also provides the student's instructional level.

Strong Start Package - iSTEEP created the Strong Start Package to facilitate re-entry of students as they resume school following school closures related to COVID-19.  The package is designed to evaluate students and data on the degree of student skill regression and other concerns.  The goal of this suite of tools is to help educators determine where students are when they re-enter, detect student issues early, and begin implementing solutions with progress monitoring.  Specifically, we have:

  • Grade level academic checkup and skill review.  This is a suite of academic skill tests that will determine the degree of student skill mastery for the previous year.  For example, third grade students would be tested on second grade skills.  From the report, student's gaps in learning can be identified.
  • Behavioral and Emotional Screening.  We have a screener for student behavioral and emotional health issues that allows schools to quickly screen all students for internalizing and externalizing problems.  Schools throughout the country have used this successfully for many years.  It is only a screening instrument and not a diagnostic but it can be used to identify students who may need a more in-depth look.
  • Remote Testing.  A remote testing guide and video tutorial on conducting remote testing is available, if needed.

Start Up Coaching Session - An initial start up call is available with the iSTEEP Lead to help them understand where materials and information are located as they prepare to roll out the program to their schools.  Additional guidance on getting started is also provided.

Implementation Package Portal for Professional Development - A customized Implementation Package portal, specifically for Arizona schools has been developed.  The portal provides 24/7 online access to professional development training and important resources.  All Arizona professionals using the iSTEEP will have access to this valuable resource.

Assessments for Grades 4-12 - iSTEEP has assessments available for K-12.

Math Assessments - In addition to reading, iSTEEP has several math assessments available including Compare Numbers, Number Naming, Math Computational Fluency, Math Concepts and Applications, and Advanced Numeracy.

Writing - Writing assessments are available for Grades 1-12.  The assessment is paper/pencil based and scores can manually be entered into the system.  Two common scoring methods are available: Correct Writing Sequence (CWS) and Total Words Written (TWW).

Progress Monitoring (PM) Assessments - Progress monitoring assessments are available for Initial Sound Fluency, Nonsense Word Fluency, CVC Sounds, Letter Naming, Letter Sounds and Blends, Oral Reading Fluency, Maze, Number Naming, Compare Numbers, Math Computational Fluency, and Math Concepts and Applications.

*Automated Rostering and Single Sign On - iSTEEP is compatible with programs such as ClassLink and Clever for automated nightly rostering and Single Sign-on.  This option is available for districts with over 1,000 students and at least 200 students per school.


For additional information, please contact us at