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Advanced Implementation Package

Take your Intervention Process from Good to Great!

The more you know about what’s working and what’s not—the powerful you become. Find out more about how to take your school to the next level.

• Identify problems areas

• Identify and eliminate interventions that aren’t effective

• Improve support for teachers and leaders

Intervention Enhancement

The purpose of our intervention enhancement process is to help you get the best possible student results while being more efficient and strategic with resources, especially teacher and leader time.  The process is based upon data that helps you know what's happening in each school, identify problem areas, eliminate interventions that aren't effective and improve support for teachers and leads.

How Does Our Assessment Process Improve Your Intervention Results?

Easy.  We connect the dots.  We are not merely an assessment process but a powerful data system.  Our standard tracking process gives you the tools to track student progress with easy to understand graphs and reports to know which interventions are working and which ones need to be tweaked or changed.

With the Intervention Support process you gain the ability to track your intervention process including:

  1. Customized reports are provided on the following key elementary and questions pertaining to the intervention process:
    • Was screening data collected and students appropriately identified for intervention?
    • Did the intervention selected match the student problem?
    • Was the intervention implemented regularly?
    • Did progress monitoring occur regularly?
    • Are the changes in the intervention made if progress monitoring shows the need?
    • How effective overall are the various interventions?
  2. Customized recommendations are provided to districts based upon the reports.
    • What are the priority areas that need to be addressed?
    • What are the best strategies to use to improve the overall effectiveness of intervention and instruction?
  3. Districts are provided with coaching, mentoring, and support strategies to improve the process.
    • How to balance staff responsibility so there is time and support for each staff member to carry out their individual tasks.
    • How to use data discussion sessions to improve staff skills.
  4. Ongoing formative assessment of the intervention process.
    • Over time, additional reports are provided to district leaders.
    • Find out if the intervention process and student outcomes are improving.

The iSTEEP Standard Implementation Package provides districts with the instruction and tools to know what things need to be done to improve reading and math outcomes.  The Intervention Enhancement Package helps schools know if the intervention process is working at their school and how to improve outcomes if desired results are not achieved.  For example, in one district, school leaders used the process to reduce the number of reading interventions being used because some interventions were working well for their students and some were not.  In another school, progress monitoring was showing that some students were not improving after weeks of intervention, but staff was not using the data to make changes.  Brief coaching data coaching sessions were used to help staff know when to make a change and what intervention to use when a strategy is not working.

The more you know about what's working and what's not--

The more powerful you become!

Get Started with Intervention Enhancement

The intervention setup, planning and implementation process can become complex in any school.  This package of tools and services provides a means to organize the intervention process, find what's working and what is not working, and improve the process toward the goal of improving student outcomes.  Reports can be run 3 times per year and include strategies for using the data and working with staff on issues specific to the district.

The Enhanced Implementation Package is customized for each school/district and includes everything needed to complete a successful implementation.  Purchase of this package requires use of the iSTEEP data system and iSTEEP assessments.  It can be used with most interventions.  

Call for a free consultation about improving your intervention process.

Please note that we take data privacy seriously.  We do not share your data with anyone, period.  We do not accept any student data for commercial value such as student address or social security numbers.  There is no exception to this and fine print.

90% of Interventions are effective when conducted with FIDELITY.


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