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iSTEEP provides an innovative and comprehensive suite of products for assessing, analyzing, progress monitoring and next generation technology.  We provide powerful tools to assist schools in implementing programs designed to determine if students are on track and to accelerate their performance if they are below desired levels.  Easy to use reports keep teachers and administrators informed in real time.   iSTEEP is unique among companies in the education space.  Here are some areas where we stand out.  
Comprehensiveness. Some providers may have parts of what STEEP provides but no provider provides the full range of tools and services we provide.  With other systems, schools must assess K-1 math with tools from one company, reading fluency in K-6 with tools from another company and middle school math with tools for yet another company.   This is beneficial because teachers only learn and use one system not 3 or more systems.  This results in more time focused on students.

STEEP Improves Student Outcomes.  Most companies have “research”. Based upon a thorough review of the scientific research literature, there is only one company with peer reviewed published research showing improved student outcomes (improved state test scores, reduced need for special education). There has been a series of award winning studies published in high quality education journals demonstrating that STEEP is effective in well-controlled studies.  Other companies may say their products are research based but their “research” is typically case studies hand picked by the company and not subjected to scientific peer review.  STEEP is unique in having any peer reviewed data on efficacy and is even more unique for having multiple scientific studies demonstrating effectiveness in a range of school environments. 

STEEP is a TRUE K-12 Process.  To our knowledge, no other provider addresses both the assessment and intervention needs for this wide of an age range for both reading and math.  STEEP Assessments are all Curriculum Based Measurement.  STEEP assessments are categorized as Curriculum Based Measurement (CBM).  According to the National Center for Response to Intervention, CBM is the optimal type of assessment to use for RTI because it is both brief and valid.

STEEP Offers Assessments using All the Available Technologies.  With STEEP it is possible to conduct assessments using paper and pencil, to score assessments within a computer browser or to have students use tablets, iPads or computers and take the assessments online.  Adults can manage iSTEEP using iPad, iPhone, Android and other mobile devises. 

STEEP is SIF Certified.  The STEEP data management system is SIF certified.  It offers the only comprehensive suite of technology tools with SIF certification. You will see products that are considered SIF compliant or SIF compatible by their producers but only a certified product has been shown to work with other SIF applications.  Our system passed 72 out of 72 tests for data management reliability and ability to communicate with other data systems.   This allows districts and states to run deep analyses and bring in other data on state test scores, other assessments etc. and work with them in real time. 

STEEP has Comprehensive E-learning Coursework.  STEEP multiple courses online where users can take learn at their own pace.  We are unique in offering this online professional development in all phases of screening, intervention planning and progress monitoring.  With STEEP there is no longer a need to repeatedly take personnel away from the school or classroom. 


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