The more rigorous Common Core State Standards will raise the bar for all students. The goal of iSTEEP is to help you know if your students are ready.

Common Core Literacy
iSTEEP Receives Top Rating and Awarded Tier 1 Status

We are pleased to announce that an independent review of Common Core assessments was conducted by the Louisiana Department of Education who has recognized the iSTEEP Advanced Literacy Assessment as the only benchmark assessment to receive Tier 1 status indicating the assessment was awarded the best possible score for "all indicators of superior quality."

Advanced Literacy Assessment - Grades 4-9
  • Includes both literature and informational passages.
  • Literature Worth Reading from Shakespeare, Tolstoy, and other masters.
  • Informational text in a variety of areas such biography, history, science, American government.
  • Common Core Alignment.
  • Staircase of Increasing Complexity.
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation of Each Text.
  • Each text evaluated using 3 indicators of text complexity
  • Rigorous text based questions requiring students to read and think about the text.
  • Texts are 50% literature and 50% informational.

Smart Cloze
  • Computer based assessment that includes not only comprehension but also vocabulary, language, grammar, and usage.
  • Quick and efficient check on student progress toward ELA standards.

Common Core Mathematics
Grades K-3 Standards Aligned Concepts
  • Compare numbers (quantity discrimination)
  • Finding unknown number
  • Using expanded form
  • Place value
  • Grade appropriate computational skills.
  • Advanced Numeracy Assessment

Grades 4-9
  • Concepts and Applications Assessment

Uses of Common Core Assessments
  • Screening and Benchmarking to know if your students are ready for Core State Assessments such as PARRC and Smarter-Balanced
  • Helps with transition to Common Core from other types of assessments

If Students are Not Ready, STEEP helps with getting them ready
  • Student diagnostics
  • Intervention Recommendations
  • Reporting
  • Progress Monitoring

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