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iSTEEP Received Top Rating by Louisiana Department of Education

An independent review of national assessments, conducted by the Louisiana Department of Education, recognized the iSTEEP Advanced Literacy Assessment as the only benchmark assessment to receive Tier 1 status indicating the assessment was awarded the best possible score for "all indicators of superior quality."


iSTEEP Selected for Striving Readers Project

The Louisiana Department of Education was awarded one of the highly competitive Striving Readers Grants.  iSTEEP was selected to provide screening, progress monitoring, a standard protocol for implementation and data management technology for participating districts. 


Common Core State Standards Process Embraced by iSTEEP

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) process is a national initiative whose goal is to create a shared set of standards that clearly communicate what is expected of students at each grade.  Instead of each state having their own set of standards, the goal is for participating states to have a single set of standard.   This will open the way for various groups to work toward a common set of instructional materials, assessments, and resources that can be used across states.  iSTEEP joins with a long list of other groups and states to fully embrace the CCSS.  Visit our Common Core page for more information. 


National Center for Response to Intervention Rates STEEP Reading Screening as Among the Most Accurate Response to Intervention Screening Tools.

The National Center for Response to Intervention has posted its first annual review of screening tools for reading. The STEEP Reading screening and benchmarking tool was the only tool to receive the highest rating in the area of “Classification Accuracy”. Classification accuracy is widely regarded as the most important attribute of any screening tool. This means the tool does its main job very well: it accurately identifies those students needing intervention vs. those who do not need tier 2 interventions. The STEEP reading screener was also the most time efficient: it required the least amount of time to administer. The review of screening tools can be found on the National RTI Center website at: .

STEEP RTI Data Management System is SIF Certified

The iSTEEP Data Management System has undergone the SIF certification process and is now fully certified.  The SIF Certification process is coordinated by the Schools Interoperability Framework Association (SIFA).  SIFA helps to address the question of how to get different, and sometimes competing, software applications to quickly and easily share data.  This can reduce administrative overhead and increase the power of data analysis.  To achieve SIF Certification, applicants must complete a multi-step process that includes extensive testing of the technology to insure that it meets standards for technology, security and data portability. The iSTEEP data management system underwent 72 separate tests and passed 100% of the tests. The iSTEEP Data Management System is the first RTI focused system to achieve certification.